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Hong Kong Housing Authority And Housing Department
Housing Authority Sales Hotline
Estate Management Division,Estate Offices Kowloon East Region,Kowloon East 1,Kai Yip Estate
Kai Tai Court
Yau Tong Centre
Kowloon East 2,Lei Yue Mun Estate
Ko Yee Estate
Tsui Ping (South) Estate
Tsui Ping (North) Estate
Ko Chun Court
Po Pui Court
Kowloon East 3,Shun On Estate
Yau Lai Estate
Hong Tin Court
Hong Ying Court
Hong Nga Court
Kowloon East 4,Lok Wah (South) Estate
Ko Cheung Court
Lei On Court
On Kay Court
Hiu Lai Court
Lok Nga Court
Chun Wah Court
Hong Lee Court
Kowloon East 5,Shun Lee Estate
Hong Wah Court
Shun Chi Court
Sau Mau Ping Estate
Hong Pak Court
Hong Shui Court
Hong Yat Court
Kowloon East 6,Lok Wah (North) Estate
Wo Lok Estate
Kwun Tong Staff Quarters
Kowloon East 7,Shun Tin Estate
Yau Lai Shopping Centre
Sau Mau Ping (South) Estate
Kowloon East 8,Ping Shek Estate
Chai Wan Factory Estate
Wang Cheong Factory Estate
Yip On Factory Estate
Choi Fook Estate
Kowloon East 9,Lam Tin Estate
Hing Tin Estate
Kai Tin Estate
Kwong Tin Estate
Ping Tin Estate
Tak Tin Estate
Tak Yan House & Tak Hong House (Tak Tin Estate)
Kowloon East 10,Choi Hung Estate
Yau Tong Estate
Yau Chui Court
Richland Garden
Estate Management Division,Estate Offices Kowloon East Region,District Wong Tai Sin,Fu Keung Court (Block B & C)
Fu Keung Court (Block D E & F)
Fung Chuen Court
Fung Lai Court
Hong Keung Court
Ka Keung Court
Lok Fu Estate
Mei Tung Estate (Exclude Mei Yan House)
Pang Ching Court
Rhythm Garden
Tak Keung Court
Grandview Garden
King Lai Court
King Shan Court
Sun Lai Garden
Tin Ma Court
Tin Wang Court
Tsui Chuk Garden
Tsz Ching Estate
Tsz Oi Court Ph 1 & 2
Tsz Oi Court Ph 3
Tsz On Court Ph 3
Tung Tau (I) Estate
Upper Wong Tai Sin Estate
Ying Fuk Court
Estate Management Division,Estate Offices Kowloon West & Hong Kong Region,District Hong Kong,Ap Lei Chau Estate
Broadview Court
Chai Wan Estate
Cheerful Garden
Fullview Garden
Greenwood Terrace
Hang Tsui Court
Harmony Garden
Hing Man Estate
Hing Tung Estate
Hing Wah (I) Estate
Hing Wah (II) Estate
Hiu Tsui Court
Hong Tung Estate
Hung Fuk Court
Ka Lung Court
Kai Tsui Court
King Tsui Court
Lok Hin Terrace
Lung Tak Court
Lung Yan Court
Ma Hang Estate
Model Housing Estate
Neptune Terrace
Oi Tung Estate
Ocean Court
Sai Wan Estate
Shan Tsui Court
Shek Pai Wan Estate
Siu Sai Wan Estate
South Wave Court
Tin Wan Estate
Tsui Lok Estate
Tung Chun Court
Tung Hei Court
Tung Lam Court
Tung Shing Court
Tung Tao Court
Tung Yan Court
Walton Estate
Wah Fu (I) Estate
Wah Fu (II) Estate
Wah Kwai Estate (Wah Oi Hse Only)
Wan Tsui Estate
Wan Tsui Estate (Yat Tsui Hse Only)
Yan Tsui Court
Yee Tsui Court
Yiu Tung Estate
Yue Fai Court
Yue On Court
Yue Wan Estate
Yuet Chui Court
District Kowloon West,Chak On Estate
Charming Garden
Ching Lai Court
Chun Man Court
Fortune Estate
Fu Cheong Estate
Hang Chun Court
Hoi Fu Court
Hoi Lai Estate
Homantin Estate
Hung Hom Estate
Kwun Fai Court
Kwun Hei Court
Lai Kok Estate
Lai On Estate
Lei Cheng Uk Estate
Ma Tau Wai Estate
Nam Cheong Estate
Nam Shan Estate
Oi Man Estate
Pak Tin Estate (Exclude Shui Tin House Cheung Tin House Shing Tin House)
Pak Tin Estate (Shui Tin House Cheung Tin House Shing Tin House)
Po Hei Court
Po Lai Court
Shek Kip Mei Estate (Block 19-24 42-44 Mei Yue House Mei Ying House)
Shek Kip Mei Estate (Phase 2&5 Mei Leung House Mei Sang House Mei Shing House Mei Wai House Mei Yin House Mei Yick House
Sheung Lok Estate
So Uk Estate
Tai Hang Tung Estate
Un Chau Estate (Phase 1&3 Un Fung House Un Hong House Un Wo House Un Shing House Un Tai House)
Un Chau Estate (Phase 2&4 Un Lok House Un Nga House Un Chi Shing Un Hei House Un Kin House Phase 5 Un Mun House Un Wai H
Wah Lai Estate
Yee Ching Court
Yee Kok Court
Estate Offices Tai Po North Shatin and Sai Kung Region,District Shatin & Ma On Shan,Lee On Estate Office
Lung Hang Estate Office
Sha Kok Estate Office
Sun Chui Estate Office
Sun Tin Wai Estate Office
Chun Shek Estate Office
Lek Yuen Estate Office
Wo Che Estate Office
Estate Offices Tai Po North Shatin and Sai Kung Region,Shatin South District Tenancy Management Office (Chun Shek Sub-office),Hin Keng Estate
Mei Lam Estate
Hin Yiu Estate
Mei Tin Estate
Fung Shing Court
King Tin Court
Ka Tin Court
Ka Keng Court
May Shing Court
Mei Chung Court
Carado Garden
Grandway Garden
Holford Garden
Estate Offices Tai Po North Shatin and Sai Kung Region,Shatin North District Tenancy Management Office (Chun Shek Sub-office),Heng On Estate
Yiu On Estate
Chung On Estate
Yan On Estate
Kam Fung Court
Kam On Court
Kam Hay Court
Kam Ying Court
Kam Lung Court
Kam Tai Court
Fu Fai Garden
Fok On Garden
Saddle Ridge Garden
Chevalier Garden
Shatin North District Tenancy Management Office (Lek Yuen Sub-office),Shek Mun Estate
Shatin North District Tenancy Management Office (Pok Hong Sub-office),Pok Hong Estate
Kwong Yuen Estate
Yue Tin Court
Yue Shing Court
Hong Lam Court
Kwong Lam Court
Yu Chui Court
Sui Wo Court
District North Tai Po & Tseung Kwan O,Tai Po District Tenancy Management Office,Fu Shin Estate
Wan Tau Tong Estate
Tai Wo Estate
Kwong Fuk Estate
Tai Yuen Estate
Chung Nga Court
King Nga Court
Ming Nga Court
Po Nga Court
Tak Nga Court
Ting Nga Court
Wang Fuk Court
Yat Nga Court
Yee Nga Court
Sun Hing Garden
Tai Po Plaza
Elegance Garden
North District Tenancy Management Office,Ching Ho Estate
Choi Yuen Estate
Tai Ping Estate
Ka Fuk Estate
Wah Ming Estate
Wah Sum Estate
Yung Shing Court
Yuk Po Court
Choi Po Court
On Shing Court
Ka Shing Court
King Shing Court
Cheong Shing Court
Yan Shing Court
Wing Fok Centre
Wing Fai Centre
Sunningdale Garden
Tsui Lai Garden
Tseung Kwan O District Tenancy Management Office (1),Po Lam Estate
Hau Tak Estate
Ming Tak Estate
Sheung Tak Estate
Tsui Lam Estate
King Lam Estate
Shin Ming Estate
North Tai Po & Tseung Kwan O District Tenancy Management Office,Kin Ming Estate
Choi Ming Court
Yan Ming Court
Ying Ming Court
Ho Ming Court
King Ming Court
Chung Ming Court
Yu Ming Court
Tong Ming Court
Hin Ming Court
Yuk Ming Court
Wo Ming Court
Kwong Ming Court
Po Ming Court
Bauhinia Garden
Hong Sing Garden
On Ning Garden
Fu Ning Garden
Beverly Garden
Estate Offices Kwai Chung Region,District Kwai Chung,Kwai Chung Estate (2)
Kwai Shing West Estate
Lai King Estate
On Yam Estate
Shek Yam East Estate
Tai Wo Hau Estate
Sheung Kwai Chung District Tenancy Management Office,Kwai Fong Estate
Kwai Shing East Estate
Shek Yam Estate
Lai Yiu Estate
Shek Lei (I) Estate
Shek Lei (II) Estate
Lai Yan Court
Ning Fung Court
Tsui Yiu Court
Yi Fung Court
Yuet Lai Court
District Tenancy Management Office,Kwai Chun Court
Kwai Hong Court
Kwai Yin Court
Yin Lai Court
Chun Shing Factory
Kwai On Factory
Hoi Tai Factory
Sui Fai Factory
District Tsing Yi Tsuen Wan & Islands,Fuk Loi Estate Property Management Office
Cheung Hong Estate Property Management Office
Lei Muk Shue (II) Estate Property Management Office
Shek Wai Kok Estate Property Management Office
Ching Shing Court Property Management Office
Ching Tai Court Property Management Office
Ching Nga Court Property Management Office
Ching Wang Court Property Management Office
Yu Tung Court Property Management Office
Ning Fung Court Property Management Office
Tsuen Wan District Tenancy Management Office,Cheung Shan Estate
Ching Nga Court
Ching Shing Court
Ching Tai Court
Ching Wang Court
Fuk Loi Estate
Shek Wai Kok Estate
Serene Garden
Lei Muk Shue Est
Lei Muk Shue (I) Estate
Lei Muk Shue (II) Estate
Tsing Yi District Tenancy Management Office,Cheung Hang Estate
Cheung Hong Estate
Cheung On Estate
Cheung Wang Estate
Easeful Court